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COWI India aims at establishing long-term partnerships with the customers through focus on high quality and timely delivery.

COWI India Private Limited is having its registered office in Gurgaon, located close to Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. COWI India was established in order to provide clients with in-depth expertise in 2D & 3D mapping and engineering.

The company is a member of COWI A/S, Denmark. COWI A/S operates worldwide within all principal fields of engineering and related sciences. As a company of international repute, COWI has executed more than 50,000 projects across Globe for Economics and Management, Development Planning, Water and Environment, Geographical Information and IT, Roads and Airports, Rail, Metro and Tunnel, Bridges, Marine and Foundation Engineering, Building and Operation, Industry and Energy Services and many more.

COWI India started with digital mapping projects in the international markets since 1994 and has been supported technically by COWI A/S in Denmark and assisted with trainers, experts and advisors to the extent necessary for a high quality performance. COWI India's team consists of high profile international experts in the field of aerial photography, surveying, LiDAR, photogrammetric and Orthophoto production.

COWI India's engineering group is growing at a fast pace and has formed a strong foothold in domestic and international market,  and has acquired some major projects. The engineering service lines include - Buildings, Airports, Roads & Rails, Bridges, Tunnels & Underground Structures, Marine and Wet Utilities. 

Our services are being used in a wide range of market sectors. The diversity of our customers is reflected by their geographical locations, specifications, needs, problems and the magnitude of the projects. We aim at establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, focusing on project success.

LAST UPDATED: 15.03.2017