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History of COWI India


COWI India draws on more than 45 years of mapping experience through the COWI Group.

In February 2009 Kampsax India changed its name to COWI India to reflect its position in the COWI Group.

Kampsax India

With the foundation of Kampsax India in 1994 and the establishment of Kampsax India's mapping production facilities in 1998, the Danish company, Kampsax A/S, enhanced its position at the international mapping market. However, the mapping experience of Kampsax A/S goes back to 1962 where Kampsax A/S established Kampsax Geoplan, a new unit responsible for mapping and related activities.

Kampsax A/S

But the company Kampsax A/S goes even further back in time. In 1917 the three Danish engineers Kampmann, Kierulff and Saxild established Kampsax A/S. The small company started out conducting different engineering assignments in Denmark. But soon the company grew bigger and got involved in various large international engineering projects like the construction of the Trans-Iranian railroad in the 1930'ies.

Establishment of Kampsax Geoplan

Already from the beginning, mapping and other geographical activities were important facets of the Kampsax business. But as the importance of the mapping activities grew, these activities were gathered into an independent unit called Kampsax Geoplan in 1962.

Kampsax Geoplan soon became an important player at the international mapping market carrying out various projects all over the world. In 1968, Kampsax A/S bought its first aircraft enabling the company to conduct aerial photography assignments.

Kampsax India Limited - from engineering activities to digital mapping services

Kampsax India Private Limited was set up in October 1994 in order to provide clients with in-depth expertise and state of art technology in design/engineering, especially in infrastructure projects across diverse sectors.

From 1994 to 2001, Kampsax India accomplished a number of projects related to design and construction. Also supervision consultancy for various civil engineering infrastructure projects was conducted, in particular within the 'Built Operate Transfer' category; one of the pioneer projects completed was the Delhi Noida Toll Bridge.

In 1998, however, Kampsax India expanded and diversified its activities to include services within digital mapping. Soon the mapping activities grew considerably and in 2001, the engineering activities were divested and Kampsax India pinpointed the international mapping markets.

COWI Group member

In 2002, Kampsax A/S was acquired by COWI A/S and thereby Kampsax India became a member of the COWI Group. During the years, Kampsax India has carried out a wide range of mapping production assignments in cooperation with COWI A/S drawing at each others experience, know-how and field of competence.

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