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COWI advises in the management of the natural environment to preserve natural resources and rehabilitate the quality of nature and its biodiversity and to evaluate the sustainable use of the natural resources.

All over the world the natural environment is under pressure from the population growth and the quest for improvement of living standards. Forests give way to agriculture, and both give way to urban development, infrastructure and industries. The coasts are prime targets for new cities, recreation and tourism. Rivers, lakes, groundwater and coastal waters are polluted with nutrients, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals.

Water resources and groundwater protection

We offer services on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of the pathways of water; from field to groundwater aquifer and onward to recipients and water supply wells. Our consultancy services combine expert knowledge of geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, geophysics, chemistry and biology.

Biodiversity assessment and protection

COWI offers services in biodiversity assessment and protection in the developing world. We work with governments and institutions to enhance monitoring and management of biodiversity and protected areas. We strengthen state-civil society partnerships for mapping, documentation and record-keeping to strengthen compliance with internal and local environment and trade regulations.

Large and small projects

Over 20 years, we have built up broad experience through the practical solution of both large and small projects from the rehabilitation of entire river valleys to the establishment of parks in urban areas. The projects are based on a combination of scientific research, technical know-how and technology.

LAST UPDATED: 21.12.2017