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Environmental impact assessment and monitoring

Photo: Niels Åge Skovbo


COWI uses environmental analysis as part of its environmental impact assessments (EIA) for existing infrastructure projects as well as for plans and programmes. This ensures that the environment is considered to the greatest extent possible.


An EIA (environmental impact assessment) is an analysis that looks into the consequences infrastructure projects will have on their natural surroundings.

EIAs are carried out in conjunction with construction of motorways, railroads, ports, airports, pipelines and high voltage transmission wires, as well as with general construction projects, manufacturing, sewage treatment plants, transfer stations and parking facilities.

Evaluating plans and programmes
Environmental analyses of plans and programmes are carried out for a number of industries and set the guidelines for construction of future infrastructure. An environmental analysis can also be made of planned construction that could affect nature preserves.

Environmental analyses of infrastructure projects, plans and programmes are carried out in close contact with clients, public agencies and the general public.

Consultancy throughout the environmental analysis process

With staff specialising in environment, transport, law, communication and public hearing, COWI can offer consultancy throughout the entire environmental analysis process, either as a comprehensive or specialised service.

LAST UPDATED: 27.07.2017