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Property rights and land administration

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COWI address real property rights and land administration issues by creating, and by operating within, land administration systems around the world.

COWI support national agencies in the development of the legal and institutional frameworks required and has experience from managing property rights within the existing legal framework, e.g. in relation to large scale infrastructure projects and utility services

Efficient land management and sustainable development

Land administration is at the heart of efficient land management and sustainable development and is therefore at the focus of developing nations and donors.

The services consist of cadastral mapping and compilation of property registers, major land reform campaigns, establishing spatial data infrastructure and standards for data exchange between private and public users, etc..

From strategy to implementation

In COWI, we assist governments and donors in all project phases from concept through formulation and policy development, over implementation incl. capacity building and process facilitation, to monitoring and final evaluation of the process.

We have guided several CEE countries in their transition to market economy and supported the implementation of various cadastre and land registration projects, also in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

Our strength lies in our experience and vast network of private and public partners coupled with the broad in-house capacity on related technical fields, including GIS, it, mapping, surveying, urban and regional planning, plus environmental, economic, and engineering disciplines.

A combination of skills providing a cutting edge on most projects.

LAST UPDATED: 27.07.2017