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Mapping and data capture

Photo: COWI


COWI is one of the largest private mapping and surveying companies in Europe, covering a wide range of activities in the fields of aerial photography and laser scanning, oblique aerial imagery, digital mapping and 3D city modelling.

We map the world

COWI, internationally maintains its competitive position through its three mapping subsidiaries in UK, Spain and India.

COWI India is primary sourcing partner for COWI A/S. In COWI India more than 350 qualified employees carry out a wide range of production assignments within photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and digital mapping.

Our partners are national mapping agencies, governments, institutions and private companies throughout the world.

Current projects

Current projects within 3D are performed for the city of Doha (Qatar), the city of Neuss (Germany) as well as the canton of Geneva (Switzerland). Furthermore, COWI was awarded for the production of the orthophoto of Serbia, Lithuania and 275.000 sqkm in Namibia as ell as the nationwide laserscanning (LiDAR) of Lithuania and Sweden.


Investment in the newest technology In order to meet market demand for high quality products and services, COWI has carried out important investments in the latest technology within large format digital cameras, LiDAR systems and latest thermal camera systems. These camera systems are used in complex mapping tasks all over the world.

Based on aerial surveying, we offer:

  • Highly accurate Digital Terrain Models
    (DTM) from airborne laser scanning
  • Aerial surveys
  • Orthophotos
  • Oblique aerial images
  • 3D city modelling
  • Photo realistic 3D-landmarks
  • Thermal mapping
  • Vector mapping
  • Remote sensing

LAST UPDATED: 27.07.2017