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3D visualisation and modelling

Photo: Principalité de Monaco


3D technology is impressive and is used within urban and infrastructure planning and development. Furthermore, 3D is a strong communicative tool and supports the sharing of visions and ideas. COWI produces large area 3D city models and performs 3D visualisations.

COWI India has the experience, know-how and capacity to perform high quality large-area 3D city model projects.

By using reality-based 3D city models you are able to present the urban environment to any user the way they are familiar to see the world in three dimensions. 3D city models are created with different level-of-details (LODs) with different types of façade textures from various input data like stereo aerial imagery (standard or oblique), laser scanner data and 2D building footprints.

A virtual tour around the cityA 3D city model allows citizens, decision makers, developers and tourists to explore and enjoy a virtual visit around the cities. You can walk the streets or fly on the top of the towers and gain the impression of a city as an attractive area to visit and to do business. 

Highly detailed textured 3D modelsBy use of highly detailed aerial oblique photos, fully textured 3D city models can be created.  This technology was applied by COWI for the textured 3D model of Munich (Germany) that can be experienced on Google Earth. Doha is presently being produced as a fully textured 3D city model.

Besides the generation of large-area 3D city models using stereo aerial images (photogrammetry), COWI also offers services for the creation of highly detailed and photo-realistic textured 3D landmarks using close-range photogrammetry.

LAST UPDATED: 27.07.2017