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Sustainable and green buildings

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen


COWI designs sustainable and green buildings based on the idea that houses should have a positive impact on the users and the outside world.

Sustainable construction in COWI covers both buildings with low energy consumption and buildings that encourage sustainable practices and a good environment.

Many aspects of sustainability

Sustainable construction in COWI covers social, economic and environmental aspects. These are for example minimal energy consumption, the wellbeing of the users of the house, the working environment and indoor climate.

Building materials that minimize environmental impact through their entire life span help to make a building sustainable with durable, maintenance-free solutions.

Good architecture contributes to the fact that the building will not be torn down quickly but has a long life because it is nice to live or work in.

Sustainability is also about a reasonable balance between investment and the value that the final result gives the customer.

Sustainability is part of the design Many of the solutions that make a house sustainable depend on the design and require that they are integrated in the construction or design of the house while it is on the drawing board.

Therefore, a close partnership with architect and builder throughout the project stages creates the most sustainable value for money.

LAST UPDATED: 26.07.2017