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Building design

Photo: COWI


Energy-conscious design, lighting, electricity, constructions, IT infrastructure and value engineering are just some of the services which COWI offers within building design.

Whether the starting point is an empty field, a new construction or existing buildings to be upgraded, COWI Buildings see it as our task to satisfy the architect's vision and our clients' expectations.

Integrated Design Even from the first phase of the project we commit ourselves to the project and consider the importance of sustainability, building technology and the user's intention.

We call it integrated design when our concept engineers with a keen focus on the process and collaboration create unique solutions for the benefit of developers and communities.

One-stop shopping COWI focuses on designing housing with intelligent energy concepts and building installations which are buildable as well as economically cost-effective.

On the ongoing projects we can offer a constructive and proactive approach. By using value engineering we provide value-adding actions and cut down expenditures.

In short, COWI covers all construction-related aspects of building design. So when it comes to buildings, you only need one consulting engineer - or maybe two, if you did not choose COWI from the start.

LAST UPDATED: 26.07.2017