Offshore wind farms

Photo: COWI


As the company that designed the world’s first offshore wind farm, COWI has a proven track record that stretches back more than a quarter century.
In the years since construction of Denmark’s Ebeltoft wind turbine park in 1985, COWI has remained on the forefront of offshore wind farm design by providing multidisciplinary consultancy that draws on in-depth expertise within a wide range of disciplines.

Our project approach to client demands ensures that optimal solutions for specific needs are found. Our services include identifying optimal placement of wind turbines, advising on which type of foundation is best suited for a given site, detailed design and logistics during construction.

Solid baseWhether selecting an existing type of foundation or designing an entirely new one, COWI's expertise with offshore wind foundation provides a solid base for our efforts. By working together with the contractors who build wind turbine foundations, we are able to come up with solutions to meet the specific demands of the project.

Industry standardAll our solutions are tailored to accommodate the way wind turbines are produced and installed. Throughout the years, this innovative approach has proven its worth, and today COWI-developed designs are considered industry standards for wind turbine foundations.

LAST UPDATED: 26.07.2017