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Name change of Kampsax India Private Ltd.

Photo: COWI A/S


Kampsax India Private Limited (KIL), which has been a fully owned subsidiary of COWI A/S since August 2007, changes name to COWI India Private Limited as of 9th February 2009.

KIL - a strong mapping brandThe Kampsax name has held a strong brand value in India, particularly in mapping, and was therefore initially maintained despite the change in ownership. Over the last year and a half, KIL has developed engineering capabilities, servicing both the COWI Group and external clients. It is therefore now believed that the COWI brand better reflects the mix of competencies within KIL as well as the strategic importance of the company within the COWI Group.

More services offeredThe name change to COWI India will facilitate the seamless cross-selling of COWI India's engineering and mapping services as part of COWI's international projects, and will assist COWI India in the on-going penetration of the Indian domestic market.
The name change does not affect existing and future clients in terms of services provided. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and look forward to continued cooperation as COWI India.

LAST UPDATED: 08.12.2016