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COWI India participates in "Top Talent Denmark-India" event.

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​COWI India participated in Top Talent Denmark-India" event on November 9th, 2014.

​In an initiative to provide a platform to Danish researchers, private companies and public institutions looking to innovate and grow through development partnerships, research collaborations and access to knowledge, technology and networks in India, Innovation Centre Denmark organised "Top Talent Denmark-India" event on November 9th, 2014 in New Delhi. 

The key purpose of the event was to engage Indian students and apprise them about higher education in Denmark through student competitions, social media and Denmark Days. Denmark Day, a large education and career fair where students can meet and mingle with Danish universities and companies - is one of the major annual events organised by Top Talent Denmark. The event further highlighted the below points:

  • Careers and corporate culture in Danish companies based in India
  • Living conditions in Denmark
  • Danish institutions of higher education presenting their study programmes on a shared platform
  • Engage new collaboration partners in the Top Talent Programme

COWI India Managing Director, Pierre de Rancourt was one of the speakers at "Top Talent Denmark-India" event. He presented the job opportunities within a global Engineering and Mapping company and the COWI value proposition to outstanding professionals. He said, "This is a great opportunity to meet students and young professionals, and engage fruitful discussions on COWI working environment that make us attractive for professionals sharing our High Performance Culture and willing to be challenged on their professional expertise."


ICDK promoted this event using their website and social media campaigns. Two student competitions and two Denmark Days were also organised at both ICDK locations in India: Bangalore and New Delhi. Three universities, six business academies and six Danish company branches in India and Copenhagen Capacity participated in Denmark Days.

The event saw a total outreach of close to half of a million participation from talented students & professionals, and 705 students completed the competitions.

For more information, please visit  www.toptalentdenmark.co.in

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